May 12, 2009

Ben is finally here!

Benaiah David Walter is finally here! He was born May 6th at 6:24 am. He
was 7lb 9 oz and 20 in long. He was born with redish hair and blue eyes. He totally looks like his daddy. The labour wasn't too bad. I started having contractions that were five min apart so I went in to the midwife. She ended up breaking my water and I had him three hours later. It was probably the most intense thing I have ever done but he is totally worth it.

So far our time with him has been pretty good. He wakes up every 2 hours at night except when mommy accidently drinks starbucks. He only has two volumes quiet and screaming. When he is mad or needs something he lets you know.I didn't know such a little thing could produce such a loud noise.

He had his first docs appt which went very well. He only lost 4 onces which I am sure he has gained back already. He gets circumsized on thursday which I am not looking forward too. Overall he is a good little boy and we are getting used to being parents.